Action Screenings for Community Groups, Campuses, and Fund Raisers

“Mr. Ramsdell couldn’t have done a better job in helping us bring the devastating issue of hatred with the message of hope to our community. It isn’t an exaggeration to describe this distinguished, preeminent film as STUNNING.”– Gale Crooks, Founding Member of Lapeer Community Equal Rights Alliance


Fear has divided our world – liberals vs. conservatives, east vs. west, gay vs. straight, etc. These divisions will only grow more solidified and more violent unless we can sit down with those who are different from us and get to know them as human beings. Or, as philosopher Sam Keen said, until we can “put a face on the enemy”.

It is time to stop the fear and start the dialogue.

For over a year now organizations like yours have been using the award-winning film The Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue to Hope to do just that: start dialogue. And in doing so they have found that they have increased the awareness of their cause, their organization, and their community’s activism.

People are not apathetic about the conflicts in the world; they are just overwhelmed by the problems and confused about where to begin finding solutions. The Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue to Hope explores the biological, sociological, and psychological mechanisms present in so many acts of war, violence, and contention. Through that exploration the film shows the beginning point of solutions – understanding.  An understanding of the hope we have to build a less contentious world, and the actions that can make such hope a reality.

To assist organizations in using this documentary for maximum impact, each action screening package includes:

  • Introduction to the historical conflicts and concepts in the film
  • Discussion Guide outline to assist with the post-screening dialogue
  • Classroom exercises to take the ideas of the film from concept to reality
  • Full transcript of the film
  • Press Release template, that can be tailored to your purpose/event
  • Marketing materials for promotion, which include “About AOH”, photo stills, and movie poster
  • Group screening rights
  • Step-by-step tips on hosting a successful screening.

Preview Discussion Guide Content

Read an account by an attending student of the Kettering University screening and action talk-back.

Engaging in difficult dialogue is the work of our time. We are proud to work with you in starting that dialogue.

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Thank you for your support.

Mike Ramsdell