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“The Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue To Hope” is a documentary that takes the audience on a journey of sorts into the depths of hate, but returns everyone to place where good conversation can begin and then continue for days and weeks after. Producer/Director Mike Ramsdell is an amazing facilitator who speaks with passion and experience on a topic that others are afraid to broach. I highly recommend this program for universities and colleges to host as a community event. — Greg Miraglia, Dean of Criminal Justice – Napa Valley College; Board of Directors – Matthew Shepard Foundation; National Program Coordinator – Stop the Hate! Program


Fear has divided our world – liberals vs. conservatives, east vs. west, gay vs. straight, etc. These divisions will only grow more solidified and more violent unless we can sit down with those who are different from us and get to know them as human beings. Or, as philosopher Sam Keen said, until we can “put a face on the enemy”.

It is time to stop the fear and start the dialogue.

For over a year now filmmaker Mike Ramsdell has been starting dialogue at universities, among community groups, with secular and non-secular organizations – centered on his film The Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue to Hope. He has found that people are not apathetic about the conflicts in the world, they are just overwhelmed by the problems and not sure where to begin finding solutions. Ramsdell – with a deep understanding of the biological, sociological, and psychological mechanisms present in so many acts of war, violence, and contention – helps people find the starting point: understanding. An understanding of the hope we have to build a less contentious world, and the actions that can make such hope a reality.

There are three options available to bring Mike Ramsdell and The Anatomy of Hate: A Dialogue to Hope to your location.

Screening with Director’s Talkback – $2,950.00

Includes a DVD, promotional materials, a draft press release, transcripts of the film, and a post-screening talkback hosted by director/producer Mike Ramsdell. Mike’s expertise and passion on the subject have been sought after internationally and have been reported on by such global media outlets as, FOX news, NPR, and various European news outlets.

Difficult Dialogue Screening – $3,750.00

This is the package for those most inspired. The Difficult Dialogue Screening is part film screening, part cognitive therapy, and part community unifier. With this option Mike Ramsdell works directly with the host entity to organize a community screening. Here representatives from two local discordant groups (e.g.; Homosexual and Christian, Arab and Jewish, etc.) are invited to engage in a post screening dialogue. Mike uses his experience and expertise to shape the dialogue around ideas from the film and to illustrate how their implementation can assist in creating a less polarized community.

Screening with Mike Ramsdell, and former white supremacist Kerry Noble   $4,950

Kerry Noble, a prominent voice in the film, and former “Elder” of the Supremacist organization THE COVENANT, THE SWORD, AND THE ARM OF THE LORD – joins Mike on stage for a post screening dialogue.  Kerry’s journey into the world of white supremacy, including its peak when he came seconds from committing the largest domestic terrorist attack on US soil, to his arrest by the FBI and eventual decision to renounce supremacy ideology  - allows the audience a rare and profound glimpse into the mind of a supremacist, and gives the hope that underneath such ideology is the potential for a very different human being.

And because we know budgets are particularly tight, we’ve included all travel in the price of these packages.


Engaging in difficult dialogue is the work of our time. We are proud to work with you in starting that dialogue.If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact us at –


Thank you for your support.

Mike Ramsdell

Read an account by an attending student of the Kettering University screening and action talk-back.