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Action Screening Package
If you're fundraising, introducing a cause to the community, or simply wanting to start this dialogue in your own backyard, the Action Screening Package will provide everything you need for a successful event, including: DVD with group screening rights, marketing materials, dialogue guide, complete transcripts of the film, brief introduction to the conflicts and concepts of the film, a press release template, and a step-by-step list of things to do for a successful event. Created for those with big ideas and limited budgets who are ready to take action today.

Schools and organizations can also Contact us to arrange payment via
purchase order.
Educational Package
Designed specifically for educational institutions under the guidance of leading educators from North America, this package comes with: classroom screening rights, a classroom dialogue guide, short introductions to the concepts and conflicts highlighted in the film, and a complete transcript of the film.

Schools and organizations can also Contact us to arrange payment via purchase order.
Screening with Director's Talkback
Includes all of the items listed in the Action Screening Package, as well as a post-screening talkback hosted by director/producer Mike Ramsdell. Mike has traveled the country with this film, speaking to groups as varied in size as they are in ideological identities — and he has been thrilled to do so. His expertise and passion on the subject have been sought after internationally and have been reported on by such global media outlets as CNN.com. Fee includes director's travel expenses.
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Difficult Dialogue Screening
This is the package for those most inspired. The Difficult Dialogue Screening is part film screening, part cognitive therapy, and part community unifier. With this option Mike Ramsdell works directly with the host entity to organize a community screening. Here representatives from two local discordant groups (e.g.; Homosexual and Christian, Arab and Jewish, etc.) are invited to engage in a post-screening dialogue. Mike uses his experience and expertise to shape the dialogue around ideas from the film and to illustrate how their implementation can assist in creating a less polarized community. Further, in the spirit of Nelson Mandela's quote, "You must work with an enemy, that way they become a partner." Mike is open to assisting with organizing a community action with the two groups, i.e. clean a park, host a charity drive, etc. This not only creates new relationship parameters, it perpetuates the opportunity for dialogue. Fee includes director's travel expenses.

Difficult Dialogue screenings to date have been incredibly powerful and participants have stated how special is it to be part of something that can promote change.

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SKYPE Screening with Director's Talkback
An option for full interaction, with half the cost. With simple set up and execution, the SKYPE screening package combines technology and outreach, for a full post-screening talkback with director/producer Mike Ramsdell (minus the travel expenses). One of our most popular options - ask us about our multiple school rates.

Contact us to discuss dates and times.

The Anatomy of Hate Movie Poster
Based on the design of a spiritual mandala, this poster offers a meditation on the ideas and concepts in the film.

  Complete Film Transcripts
A document of great relevance for any social scientist, spiritualist, or inquisitive mind looking to better understand the nature of man. Available in PDF format for download and personal use, not for distribution or reproduction.
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