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In Front of Camera (In order of Appearance)  
Kerry Noble

Since leaving the Christian Identity Movement, Kerry lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and runs a successful children's book business with his wife, as well as a public speaking/consulting business, NOBLE Strategies. Kerry also has a Bible-based website (, teaching biblical principles for a successful, balanced, and fruitful life. Kerry self-published his new book last year, Tabernacle of Hope: Bridging Your Darkened Past Toward a Brighter Future.

Dr. Terrence Deacon

A professor of Biological Anthropology and Linguistics at University of California-Berkeley. His research combines human evolutionary biology and neuroscience, with the aim of investigating the evolution of human cognition. His work extends from laboratory-based cellular-molecular neurobiology to the study of semiotic processes underlying animal and human communication, especially language. He is the author of The Symbolic Species: The Co-evolution of Language and the Brain. 

Westboro Baptist Church

“WBC engages in daily peaceful sidewalk demonstrations opposing the homosexual lifestyle of soul-damning, nation-destroying filth. They display large, colorful signs containing Bible words and sentiments, including: GOD HATES FAGS, FAGS HATE GOD, AIDS CURES FAGS, THANK GOD FOR AIDS, FAGS BURN IN HELL, GOD IS NOT MOCKED, FAGS ARE NATURE FREAKS, GOD GAVE FAGS UP, NO SPECIAL LAWS FOR FAGS, FAGS DOOM NATIONS, THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS, FAG TROOPS, GOD BLEW UP THE TROOPS, GOD HATES AMERICA, AMERICA IS DOOMED, THE WORLD IS DOOMED, etc. For more information about WBC, feel free to attend one of our weekly church meetings. We are located at 3701 W. 12th Street in Topeka, KS. Regular service time is 12:00 p.m. (Central time).”

Sheldon Solomon

A professor of psychology who teaches at Skidmore College. He earned his B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College and his doctoral degree from the University of Kansas. He is probably best known for developing Terror Management Theory, which is concerned with how humans deal with their own sense of mortality. Professor Solomon is the Ross Professor for Interdisciplinary Studies at Skidmore. He is the author or co-author of over a hundred articles and several books, and he's been featured in several films (Flight From Death) and television documentaries as well as countless radio interviews. He is also co-founder of Esperanto, a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, and inventor of the "doughboy", dough filled with cheese, chicken and spices.

Rick Smith

Rick continues to serve his Life without Parol sentence at The Donaldson Prison Facility in Bessemer, Alabama. Rick teaches spiritual meditation and life skills to fellow prisoners and also works with such organizations as the Human Kindness Foundation. He was recently featured in the film Dhamma Brothers.

Sam Keen

He was "overeducated at Harvard and Princeton" and was a professor of philosophy and religion at "various legitimate institutions" and a contributing editor of Psychology Today for 20 years before becoming a free-lance thinker, lecturer, seminar leader and consultant. He is the author of a baker's dozen books, and a co-producer of an award winning PBS documentary, Faces of the Enemy. His work was the subject of a 60 minute PBS special Bill Moyers--Your Mythic Journey with Sam Keen. When not writing or traveling around the world lecturing and doing seminars he cuts wood, tends to his farm in the hills above Sonoma, takes long hikes and practices the flying trapeze. “The practice of philosophy is a way of life that results from falling in love with questions---the great mythic questions that can never be given definitive answers.”

Billy Roper

A thirty-something spokesman for White Nationalist causes and leader of his own organization, White Revolution. This former High School History teacher has led demonstrations, protests, rallies, and marches across the country for several years. Roper was mentored by Dr. William Pierce during his years as a National Office staffer with the National Alliance, and later by Pastor Richard Butler of Aryan Nations. However, he represents a new generation of White Nationalist leaders who overturn the conventional stereotypes of the movement.

NEWS UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2009: Billy Roper notified Mike Ramsdell that he has accepted the nomination to be the 2012 Presidential candidate for the Nationalist Party of America.

Galula Ershkovitz

An Israeli settler, in the West Bank settlement of Ofra, whose husband and son were killed by Palestinian snipers.

Zachariya Zubiedi

A former leader of the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, in the West Bank Town of Jenin, whose mother and brother were killed by Israeli soldiers.

1-5 Cavalry, Second Platoon

Deployed in late 2006, this platoon was responsible for combat patrols in the Baghdad suburb of Amariya. They played an integral role is quelling the sectarian violence of the region.  Two members of their platoon were killed during their deployment.