The Journey is Collective….

Last week I had the pleasure of screening AOH for 2 Universities in Flint as well as Penn State, Fayette in Fayette, PA. Both Universities are located in blue-collar industrial cities- the impact from the U.S. economic climate is apparent from the expressway. Both cities, by anyone’s measuring stick, would be considered drive through cities. (I’m sure some even consider Flint a drive around city.) And neither of the cities are known as intellectual think tanks, like some of the better known University cities. (Although I would argue that this country would do well to adhere a bit closer to it’s blue collar philosophies.)

In spite of these apparent indicators- both of these screenings were emotionally engaging dialogues about how we as a species continue to turn our fear and insecurities onto each other causing pain, disconnect, and unnecessary evil.

People want to dialogue. They want to tell their stories and they want to hear others tell theirs. They want to connect at the level below the comfortable cultural conversations, of good guys and bad guys, and engage in the messy and confusing collective yarn that spins and tangles between all of us – but that somewhere along the way, it was decided we should deal with this quietly, privately, or better yet – not at all.

University screenings are tremendous for this, because 18-22 is an age when people have not yet completed the mental aikido necessary to wrestle this confusion to a dark corner of the mind where it is hidden behind snack chips and soccer mom schedules. They are open. They are raw. And they are curious as hell.

So to all of you out there who are still wresting with these issues – DON’T STOP. This is life. This is the journey. The powers of the universe do not waiver in their intent – and none of us will be free of this Samsara until we clean this shit up. No matter how busy, rich, powerful, beautiful, or significant you become.

And although the journey is singular, the destination is collective. Thank you for being awake on the journey. Life will offer many temptations of comfort – but as Frost said,
The woods are lovely dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep.
And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.