A Student’s Reaction to the Film

Many know that when the film screened last month at the Kettering – Global Issues Film Festival the Westboro Baptist Church had announced that they would be picketing the film. This brought a lot of media attention, including an assignment at the school paper for student – Phillip Hamilton.

When the protesters didn’t show, as you’ll read, Phillip wasn’t sure what he’d write about – and sounds like he wasn’t to thrilled about having to sit and watch a film he wasn’t in the mood to see. Yet, out of those circumstances Phillip wrote an article for his paper that could be the best articulation of my film, and the experience I look to give audience members – that I’ve ever read.

His summary, “This film mustn’t be watched from a third person perspective. It needs to be seen with the full realization that we are all very much unmentioned participants in the acts we’re viewing.” is an astute and razor accurate articulation of exactly what I hoped audience members would feel.

Certainly not everyone will have the same experience Phillip did, but as a filmmaker I’m proud that I was able to achieve, at least in one person, the film experience I set out to create, and as a citizen of planet earth it makes me feel hopeful that people like Phillip are soon to jump feet first into this global juggernaut called the workforce and bring with him a great set of tools – the ability to think powerfully and articulate clearly.


Thanks Phillip.