Westboro Baptist Church responds to the film

This is a response from Shirley Phelps Roper to an inquiry from journalist Beata Mostafavi’s regarding THE ANATOMY OF HATE: A DIALOGUE TO HOPE.

Good morning Beata Mostafavi:

We do NOT oppose that documentary – we LOVE that documentary. We see it as
a preaching tool. We are most thankful for it. Anyone who sees that
documentary is going to come away with a few things:

1. God hates fags and their enablers and those are the ONLY
demographics left in all of ALL of Doomed america.
2. If you preach that glorious truth, someone is going to do what the
Lord Jesus Christ told us they would do: hate on you and speak all manner of
evil against you falsely!
3. If you preach that amazing truth, someone might juxtapose you with
some murderers and thugs and criminals!
4. When they do that, the silliness of that effort shines through and
unless you are a dark-hearted rebel, you will be ashamed of that effort.
When you see the cute little boys that are standing with their loved ones
and all of them are telling you the plain words of scripture and are being
most faithful about it, what can you do with that?
5. God does not change! Your duty and our duty is to fear and obey him

You see Beata Mostafavi – our God said that the fear of man bringeth a
snare. That is to say, if these faithful servants of God that have stood
before this nation with our hat in our hand for 19 long years and suffered
all your vicious assaults of every kind were to begin to draw back at this
hour, our God would cast us off like he has the rest of this generation. So
we will NOT do that! We will stand flat-footed on your soil and tell you
plainly that you have enraged your God with all your idols, false gods,
murders, filthy manner of life (adultery is the policy of this nation -
Christ said if you divorce and remarry, you are living in adultery – this
nation I say has a policy of such) and worst of all, you teach your children
that God is a big fat liar and that HIS COMMANDMENTS are on the table for
disposal at their will. God said thou shalt NOT kill, but the hands of this
nation are DRIPPING with the blood of your babies and now, to add to your
crimes, your hands DRIP with the blood of your Iraqi neighbors and your
Afghan neighbors. At any point along this path of God’s wrath abiding upon
you, you could have REPENTED. But NOT THIS NATION – heck no, just go kill
some people. God would have kept this nation safe and sound, but you would
not have it! Your destruction is IMMINENT.

Trying to hook the obedient, faithful, peaceful, lawful servants of God up
with thugs and murders that are going to kill you in violation of the laws
of God and the laws of man will change NOTHING, except for the wrath that
God pours out upon you for what you have done to his little ones. Now,
knowing that our God is the avenger of all such, we will answer these
questions, but we will NOT turn aside to the left hand or the right hand
from delivering this final call.

The time is so very, very short now. The destruction of this nation is
IMMINENT. So we run to and fro to bring a final call. This documentary is
very timely to help get the words before all your faces. The words are
dropping all over the world by the hand of our God! Praise ye the Lord all
ye nations and ye that have forgotten God, the Lord is coming, america is

Thanks for asking.

Shirley Phelps-Roper