Why explore the Anatomy of Hate?

“Peace can only be achieved through understanding.” – Albert Einstein.

If you know me, or have read anything I’ve ever written, or any film I’ve eve made, you’ll know that this quote has shaped the focus and direction of my life. It is utterly simple to understand – and incredibly complex to execute. It asks us to understand those with whom we don’t have peace, and also, perhaps more important, to understand our own contributions to any venomous environment. It’s an equation applicable at the individual level – I struggle with it deeply and frequently in my marriage, and at the global level – Choose any of the 36 wars being waged on the planet right now. Why is understanding so difficult to achieve?

The answer is the subject of my film and the focus of this website. As with the film, I will primarily explore this question through the social sciences. I choose them because they have 3 components which I find essential and absent in other paradigms – 1) They encompass individual and collective studies of man. 2) They offer case history, and intellectual arguments to support their findings. 3) They do not rule out the metaphysical or spiritual aspects of man and his motivations. Further, I have specifically NOT chosen the typical platforms of explanation – geographical, ideological, or political differences – as these at their very nature are subjective in analysis and divisionary in their explanation. I instead, believe conflict can most productively be understood through our commonalities. (However, if along the way you find a different paradigm which you believe offers productive insight, I hope you will share it.)

Also like in the film, this will be a meeting place for persons of tremendously different ideologies– from white supremacists, to Muslim extremists, and Christian fundamentalists, as well as experts and individuals with insightful personal experience. And here is the difficult, yet most important aspect – The one rule of this site has to be the same as the film – All dialogue, posts, or thoughts must be focused around the key intention of UNDERSTANDING. No name-calling, no dismissing ideologies as inferior, and no propaganda. The great challenge for each of us, is to move past the “Me Vs. You”, or “Us. Vs. Them” thinking which has created these problems in the first place.

Be compassionate. Be Productive. Seek understanding.

If we can agree on these 3 guidelines, then I do not believe Mr. Einstein’s quote is that far from our grasp. If you think you can’t agree – then you are in luck because there are 1000’s of other places where you will be greatly encouraged to espouse the superiority of your ideology, and others will happily retort with equally impassioned arguments for theirs. But not here. Here we believe that –

“Peace can only be achieved through understanding.”

With infinite gratitude,
-Mike Ramsdell