Only More Relevant…

It was not long ago that I was thinking – once Barrack Obama is elected President, my film will be irrelevant.  My thought was that the whole world would be so swept up in hope and change, that people like Fred Phelps and Billy Roper (now Presidential candidate for the Nationalist Party of America) would be off the radar screen.  I certainly didn’t think that the US wars would still be going on, and although I wasn’t sure what would happen with the Israelis and Palestinians, I hadn’t expected it to get more intense.

In short, I wasn’t naive enough to think that the world would “solve” all it’s differences, but I did think that conflict in general would be more peripheral….and I was happy about that.  However, the unfortunate news is that the topics and subjects in this film are only more relevant then they were when I filmed them – and the concept of fear, which the film so strongly emphasizes, is only more palpable.

But, true though this may be, HOPE, the final chapter in my film – is still as available as it ever was.  And the one good thing that we can all take from this, is the awareness that Hope does not come and go with a Presidential candidate’s promise.  It is an option we all have – and if we choose to back up our hope, with a strong understanding – and diligent action – then there is nothing to stop that hope from becoming a reality.  It always has been and always will be OUR choice.