Inspired in the Midwest

I started this week off with 2 screenings not far from my house – one in Toledo, OH at Owens Community College, followed by a screening at Capital University in Columbus, OH.  Two very different schools – one a community college with a commuter student body the median age of which is 27 – the other is a  conservative Lutheran school with a small minority population and an affluent err.  It is probably safe to say, that academically speaking, Capital would be ranked as a “better” school.  This may be true as far as academics are concerned – but what I can say for certain is this – regardless of age, regardless of academic aspirations, regardless of race, creed, or sexual orientation – ALL STUDENTS UNDERSTAND.  They understand that current global path is not sustainable.  They understand that division for any reason does not lead to the future they aspire to.  And they understand that the most important place to deal with all these issues – is within themselves.  (here are a few students thoughts on exactly this topic.)

IMG_0032 – Computer

IMG_0034 – Computer

Community college, or Harvard law school – that is as good as it gets when it comes to productive thinking. How each student actualizes these realizations is the beauty of individuality – the key is that they realize these things in the first place. I truly have the best job in the world.  I’m grateful every day.  Thank you.