marquee-0091Mike Ramsdell introduced ANATOMY OF HATE and facilitated a fantastic, first-class discussion for our Lapeer County presentation of this remarkable film. He helped us fulfill every objective of this incomparable presentation.

Mike Ramsdell respectfully addressed every participant comment, and skillfully led the discussion, with outstanding sensitivity, in the direction of the issues of HATE and VIOLENCE.

A group of HS students came to the film for credit and they praised the film and presentation; they were able to openly discuss issues of hatred and discrimination and violence that they had been studying in class – the students described the event as “awesome” and “amazing.” Mr. Ramsdell couldn’t have done a better job in helping us bring the devastating issue of hatred with the message of hope to our community. It isn’t an exaggeration to describe this distinguished, preeminent film as STUNNING. -Gale Crooks, Founding Member of Lapeer Community Equal Rights Alliance